About Us

The Geraldine Mucha Archive works to preserve and promote the music of Geraldine Mucha, working in close connection with the Mucha Foundation. Our small team works from previous residence of the composer in Prague, where her scores are currently kept. Some of our tasks include...


We are constantly building a catalogue of the composers works and correspondences that helps us to better document and trace her long career


A growing database of digitally preserved scores ensures their future safety. Many are now being professionally copied, making them more easily available to musicians


We organise performances of the composer's work, and have previously worked with musicians such as the Stamic Quartet, Pardubice Chamber Orchestra and others to put together public concerts.


Sadly, there is little documentation of the composer's career, which leaves significant room for research when it comes to the sources available to us at the archive. We frequently collaborate with academics and musicologists interested in the composer's work, and welcome all academic enquiries.